Friday, September 28, 2007

Drive Free Traffic To Your Blog-free

Most people have a nice blog all set up and are diligently posting useful information every single day for their target markets to enjoy but guess what? The target market is not even getting this useful information to read let alone enjoy it! Why? What happened? What can you do about it?Well writing and updating your blog daily does not mean people will automatically receive this information!

A blog, just like any other website, needs to be promoted in order to drive traffic to your blog and to get people to read what you are posting everyday! So here are a few things that you can do to start getting traffic to your blog for Free!1) First of all, you want to try to build your email list! This is the most important thing you could ever do if you are planning on making ANY money on the internet!

The money lies in the list! You have a fantastic blog all set up, you are posting useful information daily, so start getting people to sign up or subscribe by adding a form on your blog! Start building your list immediately!2) You need to submit your blog to all blog directories.

Use to ping your blog after every post you make.

3) The other ping service that you MUST use to ping your blog is Pingoat pings to over 50 blog ping services at once for you. This way your blog is automatically pinged and you don't have to manually search for directories to ping to.

4) Submit your blog to the blog directories. Get the best and most comprehensive list from the following directories:

5) Next go to and set up an account if you don't already have one. Then attach your blog by setting up a feed on so that yahoo search engine will regularly spider your blog and get your blog a good ranking in yahoo. This is a real good way to get traffic to your blog!

6) Once you've done that, then go to your blog and add the following code in to let others put YOUR feed on THEIR "my yahoo" account. Can you imagine what this will do for your blog? Here's the code:""
7) Do the same thing stated in point

(5) for your "" account. This will get your blog included in the MSN search engine real quick!8)The MSN code to add on your blog just as in point

(6) for yahoo would be rss&ut=

9) Go to forums related to your blog and add your creative comments to posts. Do not mention your blog in your post as most forums do not accept self promotions. But instead, add a link to your blog in your signature. Post as many comments as possible so people will see your link in your signature and click on it. Please take note that writing comments could make or break your blog reputation. If you write useful and creative comments that would actually spark some interest in other readers, then this will help your blog traffic but if you were to go in and just add things like "I agree" or "great post" or worst some comment that is going to cause huge conflicts, then this could be very bad for your reputation and your blog traffic!
10) Place your blog on all major search engines. To do a free submission, go to ,, http://submitfire.com11) Write articles relavant to your blog and submit them to article directories. Write at least 3 articles a day, every single day! Here are some article directories you can submit to :http://goarticles.comhttp://ezinearticles.comhttp://isnare.comhttp://articlebase.com12) Go to other blogs that are related to yours and write comments with your blog link in your signature.13) Add a link to your blog in your email signature. This means that every email you send out will have your blog link at the end.
14) If you have a website, then most certainly add a link to your blog on every single page of your website as you never know which page a visitor will land on your site.15) And just as you should write articles everyday to promote your blog, you should make it a point to blog everyday
All it takes is 10 minutes to make a new post to your blog but the rewards are multiplied by 10 because search engine spiders love new content and this will make them crawl your site and get you much more traffic than you can imagine.Now that you have the basic ways to increase traffic to your blog, you should start doing these right away. However, in order to get the latest ways in order to make tons of money just by using your blog, click on the link below and learn many many free, and most unique, never seen or tried before techniques in driving a massive load of traffic to your blog all for FREE! I was amazed at the amount of information I never even thought of, that are being used these days in blogging! Go ahead and find out for yourselves!To Your Success!

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