Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Blogging Helps You Get Better Search Engine Results

Here are some reasons why and how blogging helps greatly in
getting better search engine results.

1- Frequent Updates whenever Needed

Before blogs were popular, webmasters would have to manually edit
their site just to keep their content fresh. This takes time to do and
when things become repetitive, site updates become inconsistent which
is not good if you want good search engine results. With a blogging
platform, you can easily make updates to your site just by posting new
content that will append to your homepage.

2 - More Content means more Pages Indexed

The nice thing about blogging is that all of the entries stick there
unless you really want to delete them which is not recommended. For
example, if you blog consistently every day for one straight month,
you will have at least 30 entries that can all be indexed by the
search engine. In the long run, many of your most popular read entries
can hit the top search results and it can even be better if your
articles are uniquely written.

3- Improved SEO

Even if you aren’t very conscious about search engine optimization,
you will definitely have more search results if you keep your articles
unique. If you have a broader range of topics to cover, your site may
show up when different keyword phrases are being used. If you utilize
content writing skills and be focused on certain keywords per blog
entry, you can increase your site’s rank on that keyword or let your
site appear on more keyword phrases.

4- Link Baiting is there to Help

Some blog posts can be so well written and entertaining that other
blogs and sites would make a link to it. This should not only greatly
increase the traffic on your website, but also generate you more
search engine results because those pages that show your link can be
listed as well.

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