Monday, October 27, 2008

How advertising will affect your Christmas purchases!

if you have to buy anything for a child this Christmas, you'll likely find that advertising has a great deal to do with what that child might want to find under the tree. If a child sees an advertisement enough, he or she is going to start wanting what's advertised!

if his or her friends have one or if there is some reason why that child believes having that object will bring friends his or her way. Smaller children are more interested in brightly-colored toys and things that make noise or have movement. Older children are more interested in electronic games and other things that they can do with their friends!

It's largely become a matter of opinion and speculation, but most people do believe that advertising does have an effect on children and that they do pay a lot of attention to what they see on the TV. It can change their moral and social norms, and that's something that can lead to serious problems. For holiday purchases, though, it's likely not a huge issue!
Mostly, it will affect the wallets of the people who need to buy things for children this year by giving those children more to ask for and want as the season grows closer. This is the way that it usually is during Christmas, but with the struggling economy there will likely be a lot more advertising this year, in an effort to make more money!


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