Thursday, July 3, 2008

what is link post job-25$

What is a LinkPost Job?
A LinkPost Job is a mass-invitation to Partners to write paid blog posts about your product or service. As an Advertiser, you determine a budget and set of minimum requirements that a partner's blog must meet in order for them to participate. (The minimum requirements will limit the number of blogs qualified to write your LinkPosts.) Once you've created a Job, Partners can view and accept your Job (if eligible) through the Control Center until all of your Jobs have been accepted.

What are the prerequisites to create a LinkPost Job?
The only thing you need is an existing LinkPost Outline to create a LinkPost Job.

What are the minimum conditions I need to specify?

Price per LinkPost (price you will pay per LinkPost written).
» Number of LinkPosts (the number of LinkPosts you want to buy).
(The previous two values will determine the budget for the specific LinkPost Job you're creating.)
» Minimum LinkRank
» Alexa Ranking Range
» Minimum Active LinkPosts
» Maximum Outbound Links
» Monthly Posting Activity.
» Blog Candidates. (if you want bloggers to be automatically approved when they meet your job criteria or if you want to review/approve them beforehand)
» Approval Process. (if you want to review/approve LinkPosts or have LinkWorth review/approve them for you)

What's the difference between a LinkPost and a LinkPost Job?
A LinkPost allows an advertiser to handpick the partner sites where the blog post will be published. An outline is created, then sent to a list of partner websites desired. The cost is determined by the Partner who sets their own pricing. From a Partner's perspective, you would list your blog and let the requests come to you.

A LinkPost Job allows an advertiser to post an outline as a "Work For Hire", based on minimum requirements and a price they're willing to pay. Once the 'Job' is posted, Partners will have the chance to accept the work rather than waiting for requests to come to them. This method gives all qualifying bloggers the opportunity to earn.

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