Sunday, May 25, 2008

Website Design 101

Have you ever gone to a website and left swearing you'd never go back there? More than likely poor website design or irrelevant content made you feel that way. Good web design can make the difference in getting people to come to your site and keeping them coming back.

The sad part about poor website design is that it has a simple solution; just spending a little time thinking about and planning out your website can result in a great pay-off, especially if your are using your site for your business.

There are a lot of options available to help you with designing your website, everything from paid services to "do it yourself" template sites. You don’t need to have expensive software or a design degree, simply follow some basic rules and you will be able to create a site that rocks!

Know your visitors
Make important things easy to find
Stay focused on the purpose of your site
Don't over do it with text or large pictures
Test before you publish, then test again

The most important thing about good website design is to keep it simple. Make it easy for visitors to see and find what you want them to see, don’t make them hunt for what's important, get them there quickly. We have more detailed information about each bullet point available at Tips for Web Design.

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