Saturday, March 15, 2008

Search engines and link building

All search engines are on a quest to bring any user the most relevant search results possible so that the user will continue to visit them any time they are looking for something on the Internet. The search engine spiders, or bots, crawl the written content on web pages that are in their index of sites to find what they consider relevant material. You can write your content implementing keywords so that the bots know the theme of your site. This is called content optimisation (or optimization in America).

A fundamental part of search engine optimization (or optimisation in the U.K.) is, to simplify it, equivalent to a popularity contest. Cast your mind back to being at school. If you had a fantastic knowledge of football and was also good at the sport, the school's leading football player would, more than likely, become your friend. sign up

The ensuing domino effect would be all the other footballers would recognise you too. You would become popular in football circles and would be instantly recognisable by this group of people merely walking down through the school halls. The same goes for the music crowd, chess club, etcetera, etcetera. Link building can also be compared to social networking in the 'real world'.

This, in its simplest form is how link building works. Becoming friends with web site owners in your chosen field and having them place backward links from their site to yours increases your popularity on the web, thus raising your company or business website profile within search engine listings.

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