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God of wealth the Buddhist form of Kubera. As
Yi_dam is

called Jambala. probably from
the Jambala( Lemon) which he carries in his right
hand. He is rather fat and prosperous looking. He
holds a money back and coins. His crown may
contain an image of Ratnasambhava. Like Kubera, he
is attended by a mongoose that vomits jewels.
there is a white form of Jambala holding a trident
and scepter. He is seated side ways on a dragon

Nepalese handicraft history can be traced back to the

stone age
when human beings were inadequate of tools of any kind. The
history of artistic

only began during the 5th Century A.D., when different religions
began to form their bases among the people of

. Hence we see a lot of religious influence on Nepalese handicrafts.
Introduced by the

, mixed with different groups of

, nurtured by


concepts adapted the taste of market. The historical development of
Nepalese handicraft industry is very old although has its rise and falls.
According to the reference found in Kautilya's Economics about various
productions and exports from Nepal, during the time of Chandra Gupta Mouriya, in

fourth century
, Nepal was known for quality rainproof woollen blankets. The
blankets were made of eight pieces joined together of black colour known as "bhiringisi"
as well as "apasaraka". Similarly the good quality blankets are mentioned in the
epics of Jain religion "Brihatakalpasutra Vhashya". Various famous Chinese
travellers like Wanghunshe and Huansang in

A.D. have appreciated Nepalese arts and crafts and the skills of
Nepalese craftsmen and artisans in their travelogues.

From the beginning up to the mid-nineteenth century, the rulers of the country
promoted national industries and trade to various measures of production,
promotion and encouragement. Saving national industry only imported commodities
which were not produced locally. Towards the end of the nineteenth century
Nepalese arts and crafts industry and the entire home based industries in
general suffered a lot due to the general liberal import policy of the
government. Prior to the establishment of

British regime

and entering a peace treaty with


A.D. Nepal was interpreted as the main route to Tibet for external
trade with other countries. But the treaty of 1904 A.D. facilitated the British
to open a new route between India and Tibet through Chumbic Valley and the trade
route treaty of

A.D. between Nepal and British India, which was not in favour of Nepal
and had very unfavourable effects both on industries and on flourishing trade of
the country.

In Nepal, the production of handicraft is an age-old practise. Novel handicraft
is also developed in harmony with changing market taste. For the last 25-30
years, export of handicrafts has been growing. The development of handicraft
helps the conservation of national heritage and culture of country; which in
return contributes to appease poverty by creating job opportunities. The
handicrafts of Nepal is produced in a traditional way, from generations to
generations leading the footpath of ancestors or from forefather to grandfather
to father and to son and this continuity has given the survival to Nepalese
handicrafts, preserving their heritage, cultural values, aspects and tradition.
In this modern age, Nepalese handicraft has its own existence in the
international arena enticing millions of admirals and crafts lovers with it
genuine craftsmanship. Today these arts and crafts is one of the major exporting
industry of Nepal, earning huge foreign exchange and providing lots of
employment to thousands of Nepalese craftsmen, artisans, promoters and
businessmen generating revenue to government. There are many online websites on
Nepalese handicrafts like
consists of major handicrafts exporter
selling Nepalese handicrafts in wholesale price. You can browse search engine to
search best related sites.



Gautam Buddha is believed to have had 550 incarnation. Many previous
Buddhas and other Buddhas yet to come are known as Buddhas. To Distinguish
from all other Buddhas, he has been called Shakyamuni (The lion of Sakya
clan), The son of king Suddhodana and queen Mayadevi. He was born in 563
B.C. at Lumbini, western part of Nepal. He had attained "Bodhi" or
knowledge after 6 years in fasting and meditation and then he was called
"Buddha" as he was " the Enlighten one" He died at the age of 80 at

Wood carving

Wood carving is a form of working wood by means of a cutting tool held in
the hand (this may be a power tool), resulting in a wooden figure or
figurine (this may be abstract in nature) or in the

of a wooden object. The phrase may also refer to the
finished product, from individual

, to hand-worked mouldings composing part of a


Some of the finest extant examples of early wood carving are from the

Middle Ages


, where the typical themes of that era were Christian

. In

many complete examples remain from the 16th and 17th century,

was the preferred medium.

From the remotest ages the decoration of wood has been a foremost art. The
tendency of

human nature
has always been to ornament every article in use. Just as
a child of today instinctively cuts patterns on the bark of his switch
freshly taken from the hedgerow, humanity has from the earliest times cut
designs on every wooden article fit for carving. The

North American native
carves his wooden fish-hook or his pipe stem
just as the

works patterns on his paddle. The native of

decorates his

cavassa grater
with a well-conceived scheme of incised scrolls, while
a Loango Bay native might re-envision his spoon with figures standing up
in full relief carrying a hammock.

Wood carving of a


Carl Johan Trygg

Figural carving seems to have been widespread. The carving to represent
one's god in a tangible form finds expression in numberless ways. The
early carver, and, for that matter, the native of the present day, has
found a difficulty in giving expression to the eye, and at times has
evaded it by inlaying this feature with colored material.

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